Sabre USA Stun Gun with LED Flashlight and Pepper Gel Pocket Unit w/ Clip

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Show your true colors with the USA Stun Gun with LED Flashlight and Pepper Gel Pocket Unit with Clip. Just like the country it represents, this combination pack will show potential aggressors it is not to be messed with. The SABRE S70PGUSA comes with a powerfully pain-inducing stun gun decked out in proud, patriotic colors, along with a red, white and blue canister of pepper gel for an unbeatable self-defense combination.

Product Overview

  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER - LABORATORY GUARANTEED: Maximum-strength formula backed by our exclusive in-house laboratory, which guarantees maximum stopping power, eliminating the 30 percent failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (University of Utah study)
  • GEL IS SAFER: Pepper gel does not atomize like traditional pepper spray, meaning it virtually eliminates wind blowback and only affects the intended target; plus it provides 20 percent greater range (12 feet/4 m) for protection at a safer distance
  • PROTECTION AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS: Pepper Gel deploys 35 bursts per canister (up to 5 times more than other brands), providing protection against multiple targets. Also contains UV marking dye to help identify assailants
  • EXTREME STOPPING POWER: The tactical and strong pain-inducing stun gun has an impressive 2.76 uC charge, causing intolerable pain for reliable protection when you need it most
  • DEFEND YOURSELF UP CLOSE AND AT A DISTANCE: Extremely bright 120-lumen LED flashlight on stun gun may help disorient from a distance, possible allowing you to escape to safety before needing to use the stun-gun feature

This stun gun can't be shipped to anywhere in DC, HI, MA, RI, MI. It also can't be shipped to the following counties or cities: Newark, NYC, Wilmington and New County, DE; Annapolis, Baltimore (City and County) and Howard County, MD; Tacoma City, WA; Denison and Crawford County, IA and Chicago, IL 

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